MUNC hosts a team of talented coaches. They are on the ball, planning trainings, games and making sure players know where and when to be at all times.

Our Spring 2014 Coaching Lineup
Premier Division 1/2 - Kaylea McQuade
Premier Division 3 - Anita Lloyd
Premier Division 4/5 - Zanthe Burke
A Open/1 - Brent Holtham
A2/2 - Whitney Thielke
A3/4 Hayley Cameron
B grade - Ashlee Dillon

There are many benefits from becoming a part of the MUNC coaching team. Not only are they are great bunch of girls to work with, but you will have access to the University's facilities, other coaching staff and opportunities to network at university sports events. We are always looking for coaches to help out our club. If you are interested in becoming part of the team (at any level) please contact Joanna Pizzi at